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A critical strategy implementation is to have customers!

The other day a friend and I met for coffee at a local cafe. We had not been there before and once inside I realised they had a training room available for hire. Now I sometimes hold meetings, workshops and so forth and am always interested in suitable venues. I mentioned to my friend that after coffee I would ask them to show me through.

As we selected our food from the cabinet the woman behind the counter appeared to be frowning at us. I certainly felt that she thought we had taken too long! Anyhow we ordered but received no smile or friendliness at all from her, despite us being chatty. We took a seat.

When our coffees arrived, again, no smile. The food and coffee were good – but guess what? I did not bother asking to be shown the training venue. I commented to my friend (and accountant, actually) that I did not want to risk my clients being treated in such an unfriendly manner.

In that one hour that business potentially lost my future custom and more. My friend, as a local accountant, may well have told clients about the venue had we had a good experience.

If you are not building customer relationships, you are not building a future for your business. Without a future, there’s not much point in having strategy. Thinking strategically has to include how you and your staff manage customer relationships.

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