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What 2011 might hold…

We can never be entirely sure of what the future holds, and to be a strategic thinker, it is vital to apply some thought and energy to possible scenarios.  Here a ten of my predictions for the next year or two:
  1. Strategic thinking will be a sought-after skill as organizations struggle to survive the recession and find opportunities to grow.
  2. Property prices will remain flat and as a result fewer people will choose to retire from the workforce.  This will have implications for how older workers are managed, and for unemployment figures.
  3. To find the skills they need, more companies will source globally and employ virtual teams where members may live in a range of geographic locations around the world.
  4. An emphasis within organizations on succession planning and management to ‘grow your own’ leaders and specialist expertise will continue and grow.
  5.  It will become more common for professional bodies to agree on international qualification standards to facilitate the movement of professionals around the world
  6.  A backlash against the public way in which young people are growing up due to social networking and other technologies will develop.  Politicians will come under increasing pressure to legislate to ensure individuals can control images and information about themselves.
  7.  Domestic robots for a greater range of household tasks will become available and increasingly affordable.  Approximately 5% of homes in first world economies will use domestic robots by the end of 2012
  8.  There will continue to be growth in home-based care for pre-school children and the use of nannies by working parents in preference to daycare centres and after school care programs
  9.  More mothers will choose to stay at home until their children begin school.  Businesses will need to adapt their parental leave provisions and re-integration processes to attract talented staff back.
  10.  There will be an increasing swing back to values like character, integrity and social conscience in a search for greater meaning, well-being and happiness

I’d love to hear your ideas.  There’s no right or wrong so add your thoughts!

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  1. Peter
    January 13, 2011 at 4:33 am

    Interesting thoughts Jenni, especially, in my opinion no’s 6 and 10.
    6 is interesting mainly because I havent heard anyone else say that. It really is happening out there that personal images which would once have been considered private but now, because they are on the public web, are being pinched – even pirated for commerical means. People will need to be educated about privacy as well so that all are clear on the status of their postings on websites like Facebook.

    No 10 is interesting to me because I have a strong affinity for the study of socionomics which agrees that there is taking place a major shift in mood bringing out these more inward looking traits you mention.

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