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Do you employ a nanny, cleaner, lawnmowing contractor?

I’ve just read an article in our local paper about how you can have it all – if you are a celebrity! Why? Because celebrities can afford nannies, cooks, gardeners etc. It then goes on to comment about how reluctant even celebreties are to admit how much home help they have. Don’t you think this is quite bizarre?

Decades ago when the norm was for the father in a family to work and the mother to look after the house and kids, did those men try to cover up the fact they had a wife at home doing these chores? Presumably not. In fact, my understanding is that having a wife was better in the social stakes than not having one.

So now the norm is dual working couples, it seems common sense that with two people out of the home, someone has to be there to do all those myrial of chores and look after the kids. There’s no robot help yet, so logically it has to be humans, in one form or another. So why are we all so reluctant to accept that?

I for one am tired of reading about amazing women who appear to do everything – multitasking while watching the kids sport, home baking while designing the next new product for their business. Yick! Who really wants to live like that. They’ll die of heart attacks before they retire! And then it usually turns out they actually have nannies and home help hidden away that they don’t admit to.

So let’s get real and get honest. I’ll start by letting you know about my help. I buy takeout food about once a week, and pre-prepared food, as healthy as possible, almost every week. We pay for car servicing and sometimes I pay for carwashes. I almost never clean my car myself. We have a guy come once a week to mow the lawn. Every few months when the small amount of garden we have gets too much, we get in contractors to prune, weed and clear away. I have a couple of fantastic babysitters. I used to have domestic help four hours a week when the kids were pre-school, now I don’t, but I sure plan on getting it back sometime soon! And I have fantstic friends and extended family who look after the kids when I have business commitments.

I’d really love to have a full-time cook to do the food, dishes and all kitchen tasks. It’s on the list!!

What about you?

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