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Royal Baby Arrival A Model for New Strategy

The whole world it seems is waiting to hear the news. What will it be? How will the details be announced? Wouldn’t it be great if your staff and customers paid the same attention to your new strategy announcement? So what can you take from this event and apply to your next strategy or marketing review and subsequent PR campaign?

  • Create a romantic, or at least really interesting, background story. The royal birth started with the royal romance, royal wedding and so forth. Try to create a story that will capture the interest of your stakeholders.
  • Set the trend. Do something new that others will want to follow. Much of the media anticipation around the royal birth is fuelled by the desire of a portion of the public to copy the royal name, pram, clothes and everything else they choose. If you have followers who want what you produce or want to copy what you do, then while the ‘dailies’ might not be interested, your database, facebook fans and twitter followers may well be.
  • Create anticipation. The late arrival of the royal baby has added to the media and public interest. If you can create anticipation about your announcements, you will get more attention and more interest.
  • Don’t be entirely predictable. There is much blogging and discussion about how the royal baby arrival, weight and name will be announced and when. Will there be the traditional posting of a notice on the gates of Buckingham Palace, or will it be announced via Twitter, or both? If you always use the same methods to announce your important news to staff or other stakeholders, they are likely to get bored and cynical. Keep them guessing and add an element of surprise!

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