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How to Avoid Communication Problems and Be Inspired

How to Avoid Communication Problems and Be Inspired

My subscribers receive their 4th gift today, a very visual guide on how to avoid communication problems.  Tomorrow they will receive a very special gift of inspiration for work and life.  You’re welcome to join them and get the remaining of the 12 gifts.  These are not available anywhere else, and are absolutely without charge or obligation.  Click now to benefit in your work and business life, with my compliments.

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From the “I wish I’d thought of that” file –


Most of my business mail is, frankly, quite boring.  Same old brochures. Same old advertising.  But now and again someone comes up with something really different, creative and intriguing.  Something I want to read, and due to it’s novelty value, I am highly likely to remember.  Today I received some mail like that from the progressive team at Zeald.

When I opened their envelope, the card inside, made from light brown paper, featured the words ‘Plant the Seed.  Harvest the Result.’  It wasn’t the accompanying picture of the plant that was so clever it was what was inside – a small pot shaped paper embedded with basil seeds.  The instructions told me to plant under a thin layer of soil, water and soon the seedlings will emerge.  The card was a thank you to all the clients of Zeald for the referrals they’ve received during the year, with instructions on how to make future referrals and receive a 5% commission on any resulting sales.

I have to congratulate the team at Zeald.  It’s a novel idea and definitely goes in my “I wish I’d thought of that” file.  Not only have I read all the messages but there’s a high chance I will remember them too.  So there’s a high chance I will talk about it (and here I am doing just that) and actually make referrals.



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