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10 questions all professionals should ask

If you are in an advisory or professional role, or just want to be seen as a strategic thinker within your organisation, here are 10 questions to have in your toolbox.

1. How do you see this organisation in 5 years time?

2. What will y/our customers be likely to expect from us in 4 years time?

3. Who are our key competitors?

4. What are our key competitors likely to be doing over the next three years?

5. What can my/your department/organisation do to help us be first choice in our market?

6 Which of y/our strategies are not working anymore?

7. Will this (idea) help deliver on our strategies?

8. What’s the most profitable activity/product right now, and will it still be in four years?

9. What could we stop doing that no-one would notice (or everyone would be thankful for?)

10. What have I/you done today to implement our strategies/vision?

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