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How to Avoid Communication Problems and Be Inspired

How to Avoid Communication Problems and Be Inspired

My subscribers receive their 4th gift today, a very visual guide on how to avoid communication problems.  Tomorrow they will receive a very special gift of inspiration for work and life.  You’re welcome to join them and get the remaining of the 12 gifts.  These are not available anywhere else, and are absolutely without charge or obligation.  Click now to benefit in your work and business life, with my compliments.

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Your 12 Gifts for Christmas Here

It’s now less than a month to Christmas and I have decided that I have so much fantastic content in e-books, presentations and articles that help professionals and business people with strategic thinking, strategy and leadership – that I’ll give some of it away.  You get all 12 gifts.

The gifts you’ll receive  include:

  • How to have an awesome strategy
  • What to do if you think your organization’s strategy is wrong
  • Special book of quotes to inspire work and life
  • The 3 strategic thinking attitudes
  • How to lead by example
  • The problems with being strategic
  • Plus much more!

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How to avoid ‘Bah Humbug’

Must be because I called this post ‘Bah humbug” that the system then promptly wiped it as I went to post!  So here goes for a second time – apologies if you came here and found it blank earlier –

It’s that time of year when Christmas decorations start appearing in the malls and shopping centres, in civic buildings and in suburban streets.  It’s easy to have that ‘Bah humbug’ feeling, conceptualised by Charles Dickens in his Scrooge character from A Christmas Carol,  as you realise everything there is to do between now and Christmas.  I think this phenomenon is worse in the Southern Hemisphere where businesses tend to close down over Christmas and New Year, and the schools and universities take their long summer break.  A lot of staff in many organizations are on leave throughout January and all this tends to put huge pressure on getting things done by Christmas.  And that on top of shopping, cooking and arranging family travel and holidays.

However its a good time to also reflect on all you have achieved over the past 12 months.  I was facilitating a strategic thinking and business planning session for a client organization last week, and as we went through all the items from their plan over the past year, I was impressed by how much they had progressed, and the many critical objectives and plans they had actioned.  It’s too easy to get caught up in all the things you have yet to do, and forget to celebrate the many things you have already accomplished.

So this week, as you notice the Christmas Carols playing and the decorations that are going up, rather than thinking ‘Bah humbug’ and remembering your long to-do list, instead reflect on all the things you have accomplished in 2012.  There’s bound to be plenty of them.  And then you can focus on having a Merry Christmas and a happy holiday and New year!

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